Christmas has come Early at CDK Stone!

Get ready to be amazed by the exciting new additions coming to CDK Stone, which will offer an even wider selection of the most exquisite Natural Stone. Let us introduce you to the latest arrivals in CDK Stone’s stunning collection: Arabella Quartzite, Norwegian Rose Marble, Ocean Blue Travertine, Amethyst Wave Quartzite, Calacatta Monet Marble and Verde Atlantis Marble. Get ready to be dazzled by these gorgeous additions.

Transform your space with the breathtaking beauty of Arabella Quartzite. This exquisite stone showcases delicate hues of pinks, blues, and even purples, creating a mesmerising tapestry of colour. Its natural texture is irresistibly tactile, inviting you to run your fingers across its surface. Suitable for a range of spaces including your kitchens, bathrooms, floors, walls and even outdoor areas, you can’t go wrong with this one of a kind masterpiece.


Pink is a timeless colour that never goes out of style, and the captivating Norwegian Rose Marble is here to showcase its enduring beauty. With an array of pink flecks gracefully flowing through the stone, this Marble will undoubtedly bring a touch of enchantment to any interior space. This Marble is sure to complete any space whether it’s your kitchens, bathrooms, floors or even walls. Bring a sense of warmth and allure into your space with Norwegian Rose Marble.

Introducing Amethyst Wave Quartzite, a truly captivating natural stone that is bound to steal the spotlight in any space. With its dazzling blend of purple, pink, yellow, green, and cream hues, this stone is a true work of art. With beauty such as this, this Natural Stone belongs in a series of spaces from kitchens to bathrooms, floors to walls. Complete your space with the alluring beauty of Amethyst Wave Quartzite.

Presenting the beauty of Calacatta Monet Marble, with its pristine whites and bold blacks. This Marble is the ultimate choice for a variety of interior spaces, whether it’s your kitchen, bathroom, walls, or floors. Elevate your design with the elegance of Calacatta Monet and create a space that exudes opulence.

Verde Atlantis Marble can only be described as mystical, mesmerising, and enchanting. This extraordinary natural stone beautifully blends shades of blues, greens, and greys, resulting in a truly unique Marble. Whether you’re looking to enhance your kitchen, bathroom, walls, or floors, this stone will undoubtedly add the perfect finishing touch. Transform your space into an alluring wonderland with the captivating beauty of Verde Atlantis Marble.

Ocean Blue Travertine’s ivory white, grey, cream, and beige veining with sophisticated bands described in two words: Extraordinarily Italian. A honed choice for use in bathrooms, floors, and walls, this natural stone works across numerous living areas. Providing softness and harmony to your interiors, Ocean Blue Travertine favours the discerning eye.


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