A Lorde White Marble tree-change!

Lorde White Marble,

available at CDK Stone.

Designed by Whiting Architects, this breath-taking kitchen features Lorde White Marble. Featured on the benchtops throughout this design, Lorde White Marble adds a tranquil aura to this space.

Home to Alana Langan, co-founder of Ivy Muse, this home is situated in the stunning foothills of the Dandenong Ranges in Victoria. Portraying the perfect tree-change property, this home is a reflection of the local environment and is highlighted through the abundance of natural light. 

Drawing in appeal through its cloudy contrast, Lorde White blends cream, beige, grey and white tones into a natural masterpiece. Reverberating a tranquil and gentle aura, this marble adds depth and texture to this home. 

Perfectly harmonising the timber floors and green cabinetry, this Lorde White kitchen adds an aesthetic stability to this space. Lorde White’s beauty is found in the finer details with very subtle lines that incorporate a slight contrast.
Photography by Annette O’Brien

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