We are back for 2021!

All CDK Stone branches are now open!
With a new year ahead, we are excited to see how our stones are shaped into works of art!

With many stones on track to become favourites in 2021, Cote D’Azur Marble is set to prevail. With a distinct and bold veining, Cote D’Azur Marble is one of our most popular alternatives to common white marbles. 

Crafted by Conly & Cera Stribley, this breath-taking design features Cote D’Azur throughout two bathrooms and a living area. The bright white backdrop pays homage to the timeless designs of white, Italian marble. 

With a contemporary twist, Cote D’Azur portrays a strong focal point within both these spaces. With the greyscale backdrop, this design allows Cote D’Azur’s prominent veining and natural beauty to shine.
Photography by Emily Bartlett

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