Wow, These Newest Stones are a Sight to Behold!

The very best of natural stone is coming soon to CDK Stone.

Our latest arrivals to the CDK Stone‘s collection are Belvedere QuartziteBordeaux Crystal QuartzitePieno Di Vita Quartzite and Rosette Quartzite.

Belvedere Quartzite fuses together rich blue hues whilst paying homage to the elegant veining of Italian Marble. Characterised by its striking pattern, Belvedere Quartzite combines blue highlights, white and grey shadows and green undertones. Perfect for those wanting a striking stone with exceptional durability and performance.

Bordeaux Crystal Quartzite is a true natural masterpiece. Bordeaux Crystal Quartzite features a white and light grey background with hints of yellow, gold and brown veining. Ideal for kitchens, bathrooms, walls and floors, Bordeaux Crystal Quartzite also features a slight translucent texture. For those after a ‘marble look’ with granite-like strength, Bordeaux Crystal Quartzite is a must.

Pieno Di Vita Quartzite is the perfect statement piece in any design. Pieno Di Vita Quartzite is characterised by its striking veining which adds a natural texture and depth. This quartzite effortlessly blends red, purple, pink, blue, green, white and grey tones into a natural masterpiece. Being a Quartzite, Pieno Di Vita is stronger and more durable than other Natural Stones, making it ideal for benchtops, vanities, floors, walls, fireplaces and outdoors.

This honed natural stone suits the modern family: a fine choice for kitchens, walls and slabs. Offering a white background accented with yellow and grey flecks, its sugary crystalline face provides both quality and visual stimulation. For those after a ‘marble look’ with granite-like strength, Rosette Quartzite is a must.


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