You won’t believe what New Stones we have in Stock!

The very best of natural stone is coming soon to CDK Stone.

Our latest arrivals to the CDK Stone‘s collection are Pink Patagonia QuartziteMaris Grey GraniteRosa Calmante QuartziteArabescato Corchia MarbleLondon Pink Marble and Santa Lucia Marble.

Featuring rich earthy tones, Pink Patagonia Quartzite is characterised by its soft pink tones on a daring ‘pattern like’ background, with white and beige highlights, and black and brown shadows. This is a complex material that also has a subtle translucent appeal.

Featuring black, grey and white tones, Maris Grey Granite is characterised by its fine-grained veining. Known for its unique wave patterning and natural beauty also makes it a desirable choice among designers for kitchens, bathrooms, walls, BBQ areas and outdoor spaces.

Rosa Calmante Quartzite transforms any design into an enviable, chic masterpiece. With a soft pink base, this Quartzite features stark, white highlights with sunburnt undertones. Rosa Calmante incorporates a natural sparkle which brightens its vogue pink tones.

Arabescato Corchia is where Italian elegance meets modern versatility. Ideal for kitchens, bathrooms, floors and walls, not to mention style points. Here, brecciated polished grey-white marble showcases nature’s beauty without compromising on household practicality.

Characterised by its soft white base, London Pink features an alluring pink highlights in a subtle veining pattern. London Pink Marble effortlessly ties together natural beauty, a bold aura and chic style. Ideal for adding a stylish statement and blush hue to any design.

Santa Lucia Marble offers a time-honoured design that reverberates luxury to every space it touches. Characterised by contrasting brown and gold veins on a bright white background, which brings light and vitality to any design.


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