Ready to See our Newest Arrivals?

Prepare to be enchanted by the thrilling new arrivals at CDK Stone, promising an even wider selection of the most exquisite Natural Stones. Allow us to introduce you to the latest additions to CDK Stone’s remarkable collection: Sovrano MarbleBreccia Capria MarbleOnde Rosa MarbleAscot Dolomite, and Fascino Marble. Brace yourself for the dazzling allure of these breathtaking new stones that are sure to leave you speechless..

Sovrano Marble is a subtle yet chic addition to any design. Featuring a soft gold veining pattern with brown, white and grey hues, Sovrano Marble mirrors the natural beauty of the Italian coastline. Ideal for use in kitchens, bathrooms, benchtops, vanities and more, Sovrano is set to become a popular statement piece amongst designers.


This marvellous Breccia Capria Marble makes for a stunning addition to any space and dazzles those who come across it. With shades of blue, brown, grey, and white flowing throughout the Marble, it can be associated with opulence and refinement. With a beautiful stone such as this, it can be placed just about anywhere from kitchens and bathrooms to floors and walls. Want to add a touch of luxury into your interiors? Breccia Capria Marble is the natural stone for you.

Onde Rosa Marble is a delightful addition to elevate any design. With its intricate veining pattern and fusion of grey and pink tones against a luminous white backdrop, Onde Rosa Marble exudes sophistication. Perfectly suited for kitchens, bathrooms, benchtops, vanities, and beyond, this bold choice is destined to captivate designers.

Ascot Dolomite showcases a striking white veining design against a subtle grey canvas. The captivating shades of grey in this Dolomite add a touch of mesmerising beauty to any setting. This exquisite Natural Stone is ideal for elevating bathroom vanities, kitchen countertops, or outdoor spaces, creating an atmosphere of tranquility and harmony.

Fascino Marble is a stunning focal point in any design, boasting a breathtaking colour palette and distinctive veining that adds a touch of natural beauty and dimension. With hues ranging from pink and red to orange, beige, and yellow, this Marble effortlessly blends into a natural work of art. Whether used in the kitchen or in a bathroom, Fascino Marble exudes an exclusive elegance that elevates any space.


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