Basic polisher for all laboratories in the stone industry, and cementitious, versatile and efficient. Accompanied with the optional heads it can polish: marble slabs using the optional PIANA polishing head with Frankfurt or granite abrasives with the head with TANGENTIAL abrasives with oscillating arms. Possibility to install a bush hammer plate or a plate to brush the plates. The marble plate can be applied directly to the tangential head with Frankfurt attachments.

The basic version can polish:
• Marble slabs using the head with Frankfurt type abrasives;
• Granite slabs using:
the optional satellite head with circular grinding wheels with TERZAGO Brevetti couplings;
fickert type TANGENTIAL abrasive head.

The plate for marble can be applied on the satellite head with Frankfurt type abrasives.
Satellite head head for granite.

Optional Extras
• Tangential head for granite
• Head for marble
• Bush-hammering plate
• Automatic Head changer
• Storage for 4 head (one or more)
• Camera
• Tilting table (one or more)
• Additional Rail 3.6mt (one or more)

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