A Splash of Tempest

This month, CDK Stone was captivated by this stunning project that highlights the elegance of incorporating a single Natural Stone throughout various spaces in a design. We were proud to be a part of this enchanting project showcasing the beauty of Tempest Quartzite. Get ready to be hypnotised by this charming space, where Natural Stone takes centre stage in every room.

Tempest Quartzite adds a touch of glamour to this predominantly white kitchen, creating a vibrant ambiance. Complimented by white cabinetry, brass fixtures, and wooden bar stools, the Tempest Quartzite steals the spotlight and becomes the focal point of the kitchen.

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Tempest Quartzite elegantly extends into the butler’s pantry, seamlessly bridging the gap between spaces. The rich timber shelves accompanying the striking Tempest Quartzite splashback, showcasing the harmonious blend of natural elements that elevate the overall sophistication of the area.

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In addition, the home bar showcases Tempest Quartzite on the splashback, enhancing the overall ambiance with its harmonious beauty. This area also highlights Tempest Quartzite as the main focus, creating a design that exudes elegance and sophistication through its natural allure.

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CDK Stone hand-picks premium natural stone from around the globe. Want your home or space to embody the cool and sophisticated energy of the images above? Shop our Natural Stone range to find the perfect natural masterpiece for you.

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This one-of-a-kind project has featured Tempest Quartzite from CDK Stone.

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