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Nestled on the border of the picturesque suburb of Glen Iris & Malvern East in Melbourne, lies Grazia, a truly exceptional Italian restaurant that will captivate your senses. Honouring the owner and Executive Chef Joe Di Cintio’s beloved grandmother, Grazia, this enchanting space emanates the essence of traditional Italian cuisine. Bathed in natural light and radiating a welcoming atmosphere, Grazia embraces the spirit of Italy, and features our exquisite Calacatta Viola Marble throughout the restaurant. With its rich burgundy hues flowing through the Marble, this exquisite Natural Stone elevates the ambiance, treating guests to a wonderful and memorable experience, that echoes the soul of Italian culture.

As part of our Captivating Spaces Series, CDK Stone Director Tony Victor chatted to Joe on site about Grazia and discussed the elements that have brought the space together.

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Being a heritage-listed establishment, the façade of the restaurant has maintained its original charm, whilst the interior has undergone a complete transformation with delightful Italian influences. Think terrazzo floors, venetian plaster walls, and the exquisite Calacatta Viola Marble. Entering the restaurant, your eyes are immediately drawn to the natural beauty of the Calacatta Viola Marble that graces both the front bar and open kitchen. The rich maroon veins contrast against the sleek white base of the Marble, creating a truly mesmerising Natural Stone that embodies opulence and stands the test of time. With this luxurious stone displayed throughout the space, guests are not only invited to admire its splendour, but also encouraged to touch and feel its exquisite texture, creating an interactive experience that allows them to fully engage with the interior and the talented chefs.

In addition to making a statement in the restaurant, the stone also complements other elements in the space, including the elegant mauve dining tables, luxurious lilac cushions, and inviting warm yellow seating. As customers directly interact with the Natural Stone through sight and touch, it becomes a conversation piece that enhances their dining experience, whether they are indulging in Grazia’s mouth-watering pizzas or savouring the restaurant’s signature dish of Pappardelle con Aragosta E Gamberoni.


As you ascend the staircase to the upper levels of the restaurant, you’re bathed in the natural light from the glass ceiling and greeted with a dreamy green interior. The upstairs bar is adorned with the illustrious Calacatta Viola Marble, which works in harmony with the emerald fluting and matte grey poles. This captivating interplay of colours enhances the beauty of both the green bar and maroon stone, resulting in a design that is truly marvellous and utterly captivating.

The addition of other green elements throughout the upper floors, such as the sage green curtains and olive dining tables, enhances the integrated beauty of the Calacatta Viola Marble.


The presence of the stone along two bars and an open kitchen across multiple floors creates a seamless flow throughout the restaurant. Each benchtop showcases its own unique veins, colours, and textures, elevating the space and providing an unparalleled dining experience. The combination of the menu, interior design, and Natural Stone creates a masterpiece that is further enhanced by the exceptional service provided by the friendly and professional staff.

Throughout this project Joe Di Cintio, one of the owners and Executive Chef of Grazia, worked with his incredible design team, Richard Hall and Son Interiors and Styling, LSA Architects and CDK Stone to help make their restaurant an Italian dream.

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Photography by Martina Gemmola and Travis Higgs

Calacatta Viola Marble


Grazia’s Captivating Spaces Project has featured Calacatta Viola Marble from CDK Stone.

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