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Director David Onesti Shares His Insight With Domain

CDK Stone Director, David Onesti has lived and breathed all things stone for over 20 years. Travelling all over the globe in search for your next masterpiece, David hand-picks CDK Stone’s superb range of Marble, Granite, Limestone, Travertine, Dolomite and other exotic stones.

Fresh from CDK Stone supplying The Block’s most beautiful kitchen with Marble, David recently spoke with Domain about Marble benchtops. With so much experience in choosing the perfect stone, David shared his thoughts about what makes Marble so special.

Why is Marble so popular for luxury builds?

Marble is illustrious with Italian art and culture. From Michelangelo’s David to St. Peter’s Basilica, Marble reflects luxury and elegance.”

 Marble elegantly harmonises other architectural elements together and often balances the colour palette of the design.”

What is the big trend in marble at the moment?

“Currently, there is a cultural shift away from whites and towards mid-tone greys and Italian greys.” 

“While honed is still the preferred finish, we have seen a growing European trend towards marble with stark, bold veining.”

How thick is a standard kitchen marble benchtop?

“Although 20mm is the common thickness of a marble slab, a push towards unique benchtop designs have redefined the boundaries of the kitchen.”

“Standard benchtops are no longer the trend. With so many options of edge profiles and design ideas, there is an increasing trend away from ordinary benchtops.”

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