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Located in the enchanting suburb of Malvern, this exquisite home is a hidden gem that has been methodically crafted to create a stunning and sophisticated family abode. Leading the design process was Cassie Walker, the talented designer from Cassandra Walker Design, who played a crucial role in the planning and creation of this extraordinary residence. The focal point of this home is the magnificent Bianco Carrara Marble, which adorns the kitchen benchtop, splashback, butler’s pantry benchtop, living room fireplace, formal living space fireplace, and study fireplace. This timeless natural stone effortlessly flows throughout the interior, adding an element of elegance and opulence to this remarkable home.

As part of our esteemed Designer Collaboration Series, we invite you to join CDK Stone‘s Architectural Sales Consultant Nathan Berrill as he delves deeper into this awe-inspiring property alongside Cassie. Cassie Walker, the driving force behind this project, reveals her design choices and sheds light on the extraordinary journey that transformed her and her client’s vision into a reality.

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Step into this renovated Edwardian home and be greeted by classic red bricks, navy blue accents, and stunning stained glass. The perfect blend of modern furnishings and Victorian decor creates a comfortable yet luxurious atmosphere. The heart of the home lies in the kitchen and living room, where Bianco Carrara Marble takes centre stage. From the kitchen benchtop and splashback to the butler’s pantry and living room fireplace, this exquisite natural stone is enhanced by light timber cabinetry, dark tapware, and elegant grey fabrics. The result is a serene and tasteful environment that amplifies the room’s brightness and openness. These carefully curated elements come together to create an elegant space that showcases the timeless beauty of the Bianco Carrara Marble, with its crisp white foundation and striking specks of deep grey. The kitchen benchtops combine elements of the old and new, as the double lambs tongue edging on the main benchtop beautifully intersects with the straight edging on the other benchtop. This striking contrast between the decorative edging of the main benchtop and the sleek clean lines of the other creates a truly captivating look that seamlessly blends Victorian charm with contemporary furnishings.


As we move into the living room, the grand fireplace is adorned with luxurious Bianco Carrara Marble, creating a stunning focal point that perfectly complements the adjacent kitchen. The sleek white tones of the Marble beautifully contrast with the bold black border of the fireplace, resulting in a truly unforgettable and sophisticated design. By incorporating Bianco Carrara Marble in both spaces, Cassie Walker has achieved a sense of harmony and consistency, allowing all the elements to seamlessly blend together. This meticulous attention to detail ensures that the interior of the home exudes a balanced and refined aesthetic, creating a truly captivating atmosphere.


Not only does the living room feature a fireplace, but the front of the house boasts two more. The formal living room and study room also showcase a stunning Bianco Carrara fireplace, serving as the focal points of these spaces. With their exquisite attention to detail and Art Deco designs, these fireplaces are truly a sight to behold. The radial curves of the fireplace are inspired by the fretwork of the entrance of the home, creating a harmonious and consistent design throughout the home. They beautifully tie the rooms together, complementing the light timber cabinetry and a mix of light and dark grey fabrics. Stepping into these spaces, you will be greeted by a captivating and moody aura, experiencing a simple elegance that creates a calming and comforting atmosphere.


Cassie Walker, the creative mind behind Cassandra Walker Design, has masterfully crafted a space that is not only breathtaking in its design but also serves as an ideal family home. The seamless flow of Bianco Carrara Marble throughout the entire space adds an element of grandeur to every detail. Immerse yourself in the refined and sophisticated atmosphere created by the exquisite Bianco Carrara Marble featured in this captivating Malvern home.

Collaborating with CDK Stone, Cassie Walker and Cassandra Walker Design have turned this vision into a reality, bringing their expertise and creativity to this unforgettable project.

Experience the opulence of this project by watching Episode Eleven of our captivating Designer Collaboration Series.



Cassie Walker’s Malvern Home Project has featured Bianco Carrara Marble from CDK Stone.

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