New cloud-based LT3Raptor Software

As seen in this months issue of Supplier Magazine, the Launch of Laser Products Industries new software LT3Raptor. 

“It’s a game-changer”

CDK Stone customers welcome new cloud-based LT3Raptor software for LT-2D3D templator

Within a month of launching its new cloud-based LT3Raptor software, CDK Stone has had feedback from stonemason customers who say it’s a “game-changer” because of its efficiency and ease of use with the LT-2D3D kitchen cabinetry laser templator.

The LT3Raptor, which is a new, upgraded platform from the current LT1 software, is providing significant benefits to customers who are dealing with labour shortages and therefore need to streamline their organisation, complete jobs faster and reduce stress levels for their staff.

“While the software is extremely user-friendly and intuitive, one of the biggest benefits is that it’s cloud-based,” says Divesh Sareen, CDK’s Product Manager – Software and Machinery. “This provides a centralised location to store, share and transfer information. There’s no more emailing of files, and there’s instant visibility for everyone involved in every job.

”Think of it like Google Drive – as soon as you scan a job, it automatically syncs it.”

While the software has the same simplicity as the previous model, the enhanced experience enables full customisation of the workspace, including toolbars, popup windows, screen appearance, quick action functions and touchscreen or keyboard/mouse mode.

“The user experience has become far more efficient, with fewer clicks or touches to complete a job out in the field,” Mr Sareen says.

A custom workflow can be created to track progress of all projects and productivity of staff.  All project templates, files, photos and shop sheets from the entire team can be saved, accessed and managed, including revision control and job status. User permissions can be created, assigned and managed for each member of the team, and their productivity tracked.

New Templating Intelligence function

  • LT3Raptor features Templating Intelligence technology that provides instantaneous capturing of measurement points.
    IntelliEdge Detection lets users select edge profiles with one click.
  • Typical CAD tasks like offsets, filleting or object creation have been greatly improved, for example, creating a splash back aligned with the back edge is reduced to a one-click operation.
  • Admin-controlled settings maintain the same measuring standard. 
  • There is an option to add pre-defined sink drop-ins.

“While the software is extremely user-friendly and intuitive, one of the biggest benefits is that it’s cloud-based”

By adding the Parallel Dimensioning feature, LT3Raptor automatically shows offset distances of segments not parallel to the corner-to-corner line. This helps greatly in deciding if the line can be smoothed out straight on jagged or bowed back walls.

The new software has a number of other valuable auto functions:

  • Auto orientation eliminates the need to rotate drawings and improves drop-in function.
  • Auto edge labelling inserts text with a profile code for each edge piece, ensuring easy visibility and identification.
  • Automatic error check helps prevent templating mistakes in real-time.
  • Automatic job manifest outputs all job pages and information into one PDF.

The software is the companion to the LT-2D3D laser templator, which allows one person to template an average kitchen in just 30 minutes. The templator enables accurate, cut-ready digital files for fabrication and installation, ensuring jobs are completed correctly the first time.

“Manual templating is no longer sustainable in an industry that is shifting from manual crafting to automated machining,” Mr Sareen says.

The LT-2D3D laser templator cuts out the manual measure and drafting process, providing the foundations for production with CNC-bridge saws, milling and polishing centres and waterjets.

The LT also integrates seamlessly with CDK Stone’s sophisticated CAM and slab digitizing software for streamlining advanced nesting, programming and vein-matching layouts.

More than half CDK Stone’s customers who have seen the LT3Raptor software have purchased it, and more than 200 jobs were completed in the first month following training.

CDK Stone offers training, onboarding and support. An integrated TeamViewer module in the software ensures quick, advanced remote support.

For companies who are interested in learning more about LT3Raptor and the LT-2D3D laser templating system or would like to schedule a demonstration, please contact us using the button below.

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