Get in Quick, These Stones won’t Last Long!

The very best of natural stone is coming soon to CDK Stone.

Our latest arrivals to the CDK Stone‘s collection are Palazzo DolomiteCelina MarbleRevolution Quartzite and Monroe Quartzite.

Characterised by its off white base, Palazzo Dolomite features soft, light grey shadows and subtle brown/gold highlights with a sharp veining pattern. Palazzo Dolomite effortlessly portrays a gentle aura and is ideal for adding a strong elegance to any design.

Celina Marble is a subtle yet chic addition to any design. Featuring a soft blue veining pattern with hints of white, Celina Marble mirrors the natural beauty of the Italian coastline. Celina is set to become a popular statement piece amongst designers.

Revolution Quartzite is characterised by its striking veining which adds a natural texture and depth. This quartzite effortlessly blends red, brown, burgundy, black, white and grey tones into a natural masterpiece.  Revolution is stronger and more durable than other natural Stones.

Monroe Quartzite is the perfect statement piece in any design. Monroe Quartzite features a dazzling swirling pattern that showcases a series of reds, browns, burgundies and pinks. Monroe makes for a dynamic appearance that is sure to make it the focal point of any space.


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