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The skilled team at CDK Stone embarked on a global quest to discover the latest natural stones and bring them to Australia. After countless hours of exploration, traveling to various countries, and marvelling at an array of vibrant and one-of-a-kind natural stones, CDK Stone is thrilled to announce the arrival of numerous captivating and distinctive stones. The newest stones to land at CDK Stone are Montalini Marble, Mazzanti Marble, Locanda Marble, Francesca Marble, Breccia Pernice Marble, Breccia Capria Marble, Rosarno Marble, Valentino Oro Marble, Arabescato Vagli Marble, Piave Marble, Emerald Haze Quartzite, Oyster Marble, Polar Ice Marble and Taj Mahal Quartzite.

Check out our new stones below to find the perfect natural stone to compliment your interiors and designs.

Montalini Quartzite

With its captivating wave patterns, this exquisite grey, blue and white marble adorned with golden yellow specks exudes a sense of strength and dynamism. A truly remarkable addition to any space, be it kitchens, bathrooms, BBQ areas, walls, floors, or even outdoor settings, Montalini Quartzite makes a striking and bold statement. If you’re seeking to create an unforgettable design, you simply can’t overlook the sheer brilliance of Montalini Quartzite.

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Mazzanti Marble

Looking for a Natural Stone with vibrant colours and unique character? Look no further than the Mazzanti Marble. This stunning stone features a creamy white base with enchanting flecks of red, brown, orange, and green throughout, creating a truly dramatic effect. With its dynamic colours and textures, this Natural Stone is the perfect choice for kitchens, bathrooms, walls, floors, and even outdoor areas. Elevate your space with this exceptional and one of a kind Marble.

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Locanda Marble

With elegant hues of brown, grey, black and pink, Locanda Marble is a glamorous choice for those looking to create a beautifully mannered space that is sure to make an impression. Ideal for various areas including kitchens, bathrooms, walls, and floors, this exquisite natural stone imbues any space with a touch of elegance and refinement.

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Francesca Marble

This extraordinary Natural Stone is best described as dynamic and exhilarating. Francesca Marble showcases a stunning combination of browns, blacks, and reds, resulting in a captivating and elegant design. Whether used in kitchens, bathrooms, or on walls and floors, Francesca Marble has the power to transform any space into an exclusive and divine haven.

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Breccia Pernice Marble

Sourced from Northern Italy, Breccia Pernice Marble is the perfect statement piece in any design. Breccia Pernice is characterised by its incredible colour palette with staggered veining which adds a natural texture and depth. This Marble effortlessly blends pink, red, burgundy, beige, and white tones into a natural masterpiece. Ideal for use as a benchtop or in a bathroom, Breccia Pernice Marble creates an elegant ambience that is truly exclusive.

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Breccia Capria Marble

This marvellous Breccia Capria Marble looks as if a piece of stone were carved out of the sky. With shades of blue, brown, grey, and white flowing throughout the Marble, it can be associated with opulence and refinement. With a beautiful stone such as this, it can be placed just about anywhere from kitchens and bathrooms to floors and walls. Want to add a touch of luxury into your interiors? Breccia Capria Marble is the natural stone for you.

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Rosarno Marble

With its captivating combination of grey base and cream veining, Rosarno Marble exudes an undeniable elegance that is reminiscent of the beauty of nature. Its allure is further enhanced by delicate undertones of pink, black, and brown. Whether you desire to create a breathtaking focal point or elevate the aesthetics of your bathroom walls, kitchen benchtops/splashbacks, or outdoor spaces, Rosarno Marble is the ultimate choice.

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Valentino Oro Marble

Introducing the mesmerising Valentino Oro Marble, a natural stone that will bring enchantment to any space. With its off-white base and striking golden veining, this marble is a true work of art that will captivate anyone who lays eyes on it. Its versatility allows it to seamlessly blend into various interior spaces, including kitchens, outdoor areas, and floors. Experience the epitome of exceptional opulence with Valentino Oro Marble.

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Arabescato Vagli Marble

Born in Italy’s Apuan Alps, Arabescato Vagli is a Marble with an ancient history for a unique future. Featuring a honed or polished finish to bring out its best features in your surrounds, this white Marble effortlessly fits the modern living space, from high-traffic kitchens to magnificent bathrooms. Suitable for kitchen benchtops and bathroom vanities, this grey-white stone with flecks of gold breathes new life into modern and traditional interiors alike.

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Piave Marble

Piave Marble offers a stunning option for enhancing any home. With its alluring grey base and striking veins in bold shades of brown and white, Piave Marble is the ideal choice for creating a standout feature. Whether it’s for bathroom walls, kitchen benchtops/splashbacks, or outdoor areas, Piave Marble will add a touch of elegance and style to any space.

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Emerald Haze Quartzite

Adding a splash of colour to any design, Emerald Haze Quartzite effortlessly combines light green and deep green tones into a natural amsterpiece. Giving the illusion of a transparent Quartzite, Emerald Haze is a captivating natural stone that radiates elegance and enchantment. This emerald green Quartzite is extremely durable and is ideal for almost any application, making your bathrooms, kitchens, floors, and walls dazzle.

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Oyster Marble

Oyster Marble is a daring addition to any design. Featuring an elaborate veining pattern, Oyster Marble incorporates light and dark grey tones on a bright white background. Ideal for use in kitchens, bathrooms, benchtops, vanities and more, Oyster Marble is a popular bold choice amongst designers.

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Polar Ice Marble

As its name suggests, Polar Ice is about the inherent beauty of nature’s colder climates. A white honed or polished Marble with minimal veins, it’s ideal for the classic kitchen or bathroom. In addition to walls and floors, this natural stone works to create a soothing environment far away from the concerns of city life. Gentle on the eyes, Polar Ice represents a calm dignity in a world of busy designs.

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Taj Mahal Quartzite

Taj Mahal Quartzite brings out the best in modern living due in part to its exotic but soft cream/beige and brown characteristics. Known as one of the crown jewels among natural stone lovers, this honed or polished beauty will serve style to your kitchen, bathrooms, floors, walls, and even outdoor areas.

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