The Best and Newest Natural Stones are Arriving

Exciting new additions are on their way to CDK Stone, offering you an even greater selection of the finest Natural Stone.

Allow us to introduce the latest arrivals to CDK Stone’s exquisite collection: Breccia Pernice Marble, Montalini Marble, Breccia Capria Marble, Mazzanti Marble, Locanda Marble, and Francesca Marble. Get ready to be amazed by these stunning additions.

Sourced from Northern Italy, Breccia Pernice Marble is the perfect statement piece in any design. Breccia Pernice is characterised by its incredible colour palette with staggered veining which adds a natural texture and depth. This Marble effortlessly blends pink, red, burgundy, beige, and white tones into a natural masterpiece. Ideal for use as a benchtop or in a bathroom, Breccia Pernice Marble creates an elegant ambience that is truly exclusive.


With its captivating wave patterns, this exquisite grey, blue and white marble adorned with golden yellow specks exudes a sense of strength and dynamism. A truly remarkable addition to any space, be it kitchens, bathrooms, BBQ areas, walls, floors, or even outdoor settings, Montalini Marble makes a striking and bold statement. If you’re seeking to create an unforgettable design, you simply can’t overlook the sheer brilliance of Montalini Marble.

This marvellous Breccia Capria Marble looks as if a piece of stone were carved out of the sky. With shades of blue, brown, grey, and white flowing throughout the Marble, it can be associated with opulence and refinement. With a beautiful stone such as this, it can be placed just about anywhere from kitchens and bathrooms to floors and walls. Want to add a touch of luxury into your interiors? Breccia Capria Marble is the natural stone for you.

Looking for a Natural Stone with vibrant colours and unique character? Look no further than the Mazzanti Marble. This stunning stone features a creamy white base with enchanting flecks of red, brown, orange, and green throughout, creating a truly dramatic effect. With its dynamic colours and textures, this Natural Stone is the perfect choice for kitchens, bathrooms, walls, floors, and even outdoor areas. Elevate your space with this exceptional and one of a kind Marble.

With elegant hues of brown, black and pink, Locanda Marble is a glamorous choice for those looking to create a beautifully mannered space that is sure to make an impression. Ideal for various areas including kitchens, bathrooms, walls, and floors, this exquisite natural stone imbues any space with a touch of elegance and refinement.

This extraordinary Natural Stone is best described as dynamic and exhilarating. Francesca Marble showcases a stunning combination of browns, blacks, and reds, resulting in a captivating and elegant design. Whether used in kitchens, bathrooms, or on walls and floors, Francesca Marble has the power to transform any space into an exclusive and divine haven.


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