Live in Bold and Bright Colour

Discover the very best of nature in these eye catching spaces that exudes sleekness and summer energy. Featuring Rosa Calmante Quartzite this design showcases how stone can look both dramatic and calming in such a space.

Bring colour into any space in your home with the enchanting Rosa Calmante Quartzite. Rosa Calmante Quartzite transforms any design into an envious, chic masterpiece. Rosa Calmante incorporates a natural sparkle which brightens its pink tones.

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Dine in style with a Rosa Calmante Quartzite benchtop that’s sure to grab anyone’s attention. With a soft pink base, this Quartzite features stark, white highlights with sunburnt undertones. Rosa Calmante is ideal for a stylish kitchen or a fashionable bathroom.

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CDK Stone hand-picks premium natural stone from around the globe. Want your home or space to embody the gentle and calming energy of the images above? Shop our white stone range to find the perfect natural masterpiece for you.


This home has featured Rosa Calmante Quartzite from CDK Stone.

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