More Colour, More Texture and More Veining!

The very best of natural stone is coming soon to CDK Stone.

Our latest arrivals to CDK Stone‘s collection are Glacier Grey DolomiteOnde Rosa MarbleDomino Quartzite and Siena Grigio Marble.

Glacier Grey Dolomite features a subtle grey veining pattern on a bright white backdrop. Mirroring the natural beauty of glaciers, Glacier Grey’s beauty stems from the natural fleck through this natural stone, making it a unique addition to any space.

Onde Rosa features a soft, ‘flowing’ veining with prominent grey and pink tones. Ideal for adding a soft elegance to any design, Onde Rosa Marble is set to become the next favourite premium marble in CDK Stone’s collection.

Domino Quartzite’s classic black and white look is a favourite among curators of contemporary design and architecture. Ideal for modern spaces this natural stone forges a mood of balance and harmony. Its durability is also bound to impress.

Offering a breath-taking alternative to common marbles, Siena Grigio Marble is characterised by its soft, shadowy grey tones. With a tranquil aura, Siena Grigio Marble is becoming a fast favourite amongst designers.


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