The Comandulli Ruby is an edge polishing machine for for natural stone, engineered stone and ceramics. The latest addition to Comandulli’s edge polishing range features:

  • Modern design using the most updated and resilient materials available. 
  • Multi-functional unit, completely automatic on both axis for thickness calibration, rectifying edge and groove cutting. 
  • Modernisation of the patented TMM system using the latest generation of linear actuators. 
  • Automatic vertical positioning of the upper bevelling units based on the thickness measurement at the inlet side of the machine, letting the abrasive always work in the ideal position and allowing the use of abrasives with small hole. 
  • Easier to process small work pieces with optimisation of the pressure rollers. 
  • 8 polishing spindles for straight edges. The spindles are assembled on a beam with the possibility of floating during the working. Power 1.1 kW each at 900 r.p.m. abrasives 0130mm with snail-lock connection. 
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