Burkhardt WSR 9000 Workpiece Buffering and Stacking System

TheThe WSR 9000, a Fully Automatic Workpiece Buffering and Stacking System, establishes a new benchmark for the organization and arrangement of workpieces in various stages of production. Its innovative design incorporates two linear guideways and a chain drive, introducing a novel approach to enhancing efficiency by buffering workpieces directly within the ongoing manufacturing process. It effectively harmonizes varying cycle times for workpieces before and after machining, resulting in a more adaptable workpiece flow.

Workpiece capacity:100 pieces
Workpiece size max.: 3.600 mm x 1.600 mm
Workpiece size min.: 540 mm x 40 mm
Max. Cycle time per workpiece max.: 60 sec.
Max. Total load carrying capacity:16.000 kg
Max. Load carrying capacity per shelf: 400 kg
Total height approx.: 9.000 mm

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