Marmomac 2022

Marmomac is the largest stone industry exhibition in the world, held annually  in Verona Italy.
The trade fair  is open to the international market with a range of displays of natural stone, machinery, tools and equipment and is seen as a means for advancing the natural stone community and to educate and meet with others in the industry. 

The fair brings together the best stone Tools + Equipment, Machinery and Software from all over the world. CDK Stone have been travelling to the annual Marmomac event for decades, rotating the team who attend, with senior staff returning yearly to further build on industry connections and help guide the first-time attending team members. 

Thomas Hirzel has been working at CDK Stone as a T&E Consultant for over 5 years developing his understanding of the stone industry from Tools + Equipment, to Machinery and Software. With a degree in Mechanical Engineering, he has a keen interest in understanding complex equipment and systems. Thomas enjoys developing and learning about his customers’ needs, offering customised solutions, and seeing their businesses advance.

When Thomas was invited to travel to Italy to experience the Marmomac Fair in Verona 2022 and tour some of CDK Stone’s Tools + Equipment and Machinery suppliers in Europe he took this as an opportunity to expand his knowledge in the intricacies of stone processing. He said, “From the lead up, to experiencing the fair it was an amazing chance to learn and upskill with knowledge from around the world in a central location”. 

The fair draws a considerable crowd of 30,000+ with approximately 750 exhibitors Thomas said, “I always knew at CDK Stone we invest in our research, testing and development in Machinery, Tools + Equipment and Software to identify the best products for each step of the manufacturing process and bring those back to the Australian market”. Amongst the  exhibitors at Marmomac were CDK Stone partners and suppliers ADI, Burkhardt, CobalmCommandulli, Dal Prete, Dietrich Software, GMM, Konig, Laser Product IndustriesMondial Mecc SeKON Software and Thibaut and more, showcasing the latest industry advancements.  

CDK Stone’s Leadership Team evaluate the offerings and innovations on the market, streamlining what is brought into Australia. Taking into consideration key criteria for equipment to ensure it not only delivers on processing and production time but pertains to high-quality standards for the entire fabrication process.

Thomas’ Key Takeaways from the trip

  • An amazing opportunity to discover and see the innovation and developments in the industry
  • Machinery Software is growing, developing and becoming vital to make operations and processing more efficient. These key offerings will benefit CDK Stone’s customers greatly. 
  • Significant hard work and years of fostering relationships with suppliers and customers have helped CDK Stone to carefully select the best suppliers in each step of the manufacturing process to cater to Australian and New Zealand markets 
  • The story and connection to the product and supplier through CDK Stone is a significant part of the purchasing process.



Thomas is now focusing on sharing his experience and the knowledge he gained with the CDK Stone team and his customers.  Thomas said, “I will keep honing my skills, learning from our partners and suppliers to help my customers achieve their goals and grow their businesses”