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Lithofin was first developed by Stingel Chemie in Stuttgart, Germany in 1953. Today, Lithofin is expertly guided by grandson Garvin Stingel. Built on the two pillars – quality and service, the brand operates in more than 25 countries worldwide. Designed for both professional and end users, Lithofin has an extensive range of cleaning, protecting, maintenance, and professional problem-solving products. Together, these products form an effective three-step stone care system.

Cleaning, Sealing, and Maintaining is an essential process to help uphold the beauty of stone and tile surfaces. Lithofin’s premium cleaning, sealing and maintenance products are carefully crafted to the individual properties of ceramic and porcelain tiles, external pavers, natural stone, concrete, terrazzo, and engineered stone. Using Lithofin products with the correct application method for each surface type is vital to achieving the finest results.

Cleaning newly installed surfaces removes all kinds of grime and dirt including grout residues, builder’s dirt, and production dirt. Cleaning returns the material to its desired finish in preparation for use or sealing. Existing surfaces are also cleaned to remove accumulated care product residues, heavy dirt residues, grease and oil films, food matter and a variety of dirt found on internal and external surfaces. This process restores the material to its original finish or is done in preparation for re-sealing.

Sealing polished porcelain tiles, natural stone, concrete and terrazzo materials or external pavers with an impregnating sealer enhances the materials’ properties, and prevents moisture penetration from water, oil, grease, and general dirt. It does not alter the slip resistance or appearance, it allows water permeability, and facilitates ongoing maintenance.

The sealing stage of the process includes all products that work to protect the surface including impregnating sealers and topical sealants. An impregnating sealer penetrates the materials surface developing a repellence to water and oil, it works by forming a reduction to capillary absorbency in the material. Colour enhancing impregnating sealers also develop a repellence to water and oil and improve the appearance of the surface by deepening the materials natural colour using solvent-based products that mimic the active ingredients in the materials natural structure. Topical sealants work by developing a surface layer closing the materials capillaries and eliminating the original water vapor permeability. Lithofin impregnating sealers are available with a 20-Year Written Warranty when applied by a Certified Lithofin Applicator.

Regular maintenance is a cleaning process to remove general dust and dirt residues while conditioning the material. Lithofin’s maintenance products are designed to work for individual properties on a range of surfaces. Maintenance slightly improves the appearance of the material and prevents surface films while maintaining the benefit of the applied impregnating sealers with continued use.

Lithofin stone care system sets the standard in product quality, meeting the professionals’ expectation of effectiveness as well as the end consumers’ need for ease of use.

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