Fully Automatic Monobloc CNC Saw.

The eXtra 400 CN2 is a 5 axis (interpolated) monobloc saw with a rotating head. The oversize hydraulic tilting table measuring 2250mm x 3800mm has a 30mm thick hard foam surface with a special non-skid matting.

Other features include a touch screen; laser; a centre water feed motor (6,000 rpm max) with a ½” gas spindle for tooling; a 2 or 4 tool magazine and changer; a patented vacuum system mounted on the blade guard with digital display of vacuum and cleaning cycle prior to lifting and moving items; digital camera, tool diameter and tool length reader, slab thickness reader; Cuts from Cad and contouring programs with tool compensation; Parametric Figures which allows direct entry of complex programs on the screen using our extensive library of shapes; and a 800 w air conditioner.

Software Options

• Cuts from CAD offline, program for cutting UCS materials, Contouring, Profiles & Shapes, SeKON

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